ACA leads the industry in charity attendance with over 1,500 hours to date! We have volunteered at many amazing organizations around the Tri-state. Please know that when you book with ACA you are allowing us to give back to our community as well! 

Give your event CHARACTER!  

ACA Contract upon booking

​A Characteristic Attitude LLC is an all-female, face character, entertainer company (the only male characters except for our Southern Prince and Ice Deliver who attend events with our Royal Snow Sisters). We look forward to making magical moments for all occasions. A Characteristic Attitude LLC does not claim to be affiliated with any other entertainment organizations or groups. ACA is not a babysitting service and adult supervision is required at all times. There is to be NO smoking of any type around our characters, and we ask that guests limit alcohol consumption when our characters are entertaining.

Invoice indicates the price agreed upon in accordance to: attendance, services requested, arrival time, and characters (chosen before event date, by client and A Characteristic Attitude LLC). Please review and confirm invoice is correct. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all details are correct on the invoice attached. ACA books each event with a block time frame, allowing between 15 and 30-minute end time variations, depending on package booked. ACA does this to ensure that the client receives the best entertainment while allowing our team to focus on the event, not exact time frames. If time does exceed the max invoiced block time by more than 10 minutes, ACA will charge an additional $25 per 10 minutes over. It is not the responsibility of the entertainers to monitor any lines that may form, as they are busy entertaining and providing services. For our entertainer’s safety, and to provide the highest quality of entertainment, we always provide 2 or more team members per event. Events held at a public venue need to be regulated by the client, as our ACA entertainers cannot turn away any guest or non-guest who come to them.

A $50 deposit is required to book and hold your event. Remaining balance is due same day as event (unless paying with Venmo, which is required 24 hours beforehand).  Balances not paid on the same day are subject to a $15 late fee. In order to receive a full return on your deposit, all changes and cancellations must be done at least 2 weeks before the event. If event is changed or canceled within 2 weeks of the event, a $50 cancellation/change date fee will be charged, resulting in a lost of deposit, and a new deposit fee will be required to change to the new date requested (IF AVAILABLE). In the case of unexpected weather, ACA will work with you to reschedule in a reasonable time frame.

By booking with ACA, you are allowing us to be able to continue donating our characters to community charity events and bringing smiles in 2019!